How do I register for a free account
Registering and fast free and simple!
Just click on the register tab on the top right of the home screen.
Then just fill out the boxes.
Re-type Password
email address
select user type Private or trade.
Phone number (optional)
web site (optional)
Then just click the Create button.
You will then get an email to confirm your email address,  Just click on the link and your all set up!   If you have not received your activation email within 2 minuits then please check your junk folder

How do I create an advertisement?

Make sure that your advertisement title describes the product so that it will appeal to buyers. Use descriptive and product words; for example: Fender Standard Stratocaster. The advert will also then be picked up by the search  on the site and the search engines.

You should then write a detailed description of the product (even if this repeats what it is the title) including make, model, colour, age, how used (home use or gigged), any custom or unusual features and the overall condition.

We recommend to include details of scratches or dents and dings – the buyer may not be impressed if the delivered product is not what they thought.

Also include any technical details that might be relevant to the buyer such as what woods it is made from, whether it is all original or has been upgraded, pickup details,

Don’t forget to put the price you expect to sell it for!

You may also want to add the payment and shipping details along with a telephone number if you.  You can also say that wish to be contacted by Text for example.  or whether you will meet the buyer to let them try the item out. Be clear about payment methods you accept. Be as specific as you can about your shipping costs.

You can add up to 10 photos of the item via the browse and upload function. - the first one will appear on the main advert so the one with the most detail or full shot will be best at first

You can edit or remove your advert at any time.


If you advertise an item for sale Guitar/bass for example then this will stay on the site for 60 days and then drop off the site.  if you advertise a sevice like guitar repaires or lessons then these ads will stay on the site premanently, same also if you advertise a studio, rehersal rooms or open mic nights and clubs, these will not drop off the website.  Ads on the gig guide will fall off after 10 days.You can of course edit or remove any ad at anytime,  you will just need to log into your account Click on manage your items and you can either edit or delete your item(s).

Once your item is listed with send you a confirmation email along with a link to edit or delete your item.  It will also have a link to UP-Grade your ad to a Premium ad for just £1.18,  This is payable by PayPal,  However we are upgrading your fist ad to premium for FREE for the first 3 months so this has been disabled for now. we are also offer free premium upgrades to trade and you can have more than one up graded for free just let us know on the contact us button or